S01E24: Lend Me Your Ears

Sara and Ben warm up their vocal chords as we discuss using voices and accents in tabletop roleplaying.

In this episode of the Potomac RPG Podcast, we talk about bringing a voice to your character at the table.  Topics include female character voices, if races have particular accents, and getting stuck in one voice.  Also, we come up with a character voice on the spot in our segment, Let's Build Something!

In the news segment, we take a look at upcoming settings in D&D in 2021 from an article by Braxton Kimball at screenrant.com:
As well as an article from Cat Webling over at thegamer.com announcing the upcoming Power Ranger TTRPG using D&D5e:

Other products and items discussed on the show:
Potomac RPG Store - https://teespring.com/stores/potomacrpg
Found Familiar - https://foundfamiliar.com
Mirth Drake Entertainment - http://mirthdrake.com/
Who The F&$# Is My DnD Character -  http://whothefuckismydndcharacter.com

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