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S01E42: In The Name Of Progress

Sara and Thom join the show to discuss character progression and leveling up.

S01E41: Best Laid Plans

Matt and Ben join in to discuss encounters in tabletop roleplaying.

S01E40: Choo Choo

Sara and Steve jump in to discuss railroading and how to keep it out of your games.

S01E39: Solid Investment

Ben and Thom join the show to talk about increasing the connection between player and character.

S01E38: Page Turner

Matt and Steve jump on to discuss fantasy novels and how they influence tabletop roleplaying games.

S01E37: A Different View

Sara and Thom jump in to discuss roleplaying different genders.

S01E36: System Shock

Matt and Ben join the show to discuss generalities around system design.

S01E35: Medieval Love

Sara and Steve join the show to dive into the dicey topic of love, sex, and romance in tabletop roleplaying.

S01E34: First Hit Is Free

Thom and special guest Mike discuss what it's like getting into tabletop roleplaying for the first time.

S01E33: The Good Fight

Sara and Matt jump on to discuss the fighter class.

S01E32: Final Checkpoint

Ben and Thom join in to talk about the final climactic fight against the BBEG.

S01E31: The Ghost Of Emily Post

Ben and Thom help lay out the rules for good manners around the table and at play.

S01E30: Emphasis On The Board

Matt and Steve join in to discuss the use of shield in tabletop roleplaying.

S01E29: Stay Calm And Play On

Sara and Thom jump in to talk about the anxiety and nervousness we feel at the table.

S01E28: Faith-Based Initiative

Sara and Matt cleanse themselves with some holy light as we discuss the D&D cleric class.

S01E27: Undeath Becomes Her

Ben and Thom join in some Halloween fun as we discuss the undead in all its glory.

S01E26: A Mysterious Past, Passed

Sara and Matt jump on to discuss player backstories and how to use them.

S01E25: How To Get Away With Murder

Thom and Steve discuss the consequences of ushering people off the material plane.

S01E24: Lend Me Your Ears

Sara and Ben warm up their vocal chords as we discuss using voices and accents in tabletop roleplaying.

S01E23: A Hello To Arms

Matt and Steve bring their weapons to bear as we talk about all things combat in tabletop roleplaying.

S01E22: All The World's A Stage

Ben and Thom jump in to take a deep dive into the wonderful world of the bard.

S01E21: The Space Between

Sara and Anthony join in to discuss what to do with all that time between sessions.

S01E20: Down With The Sickness

Ben and Thom come on to discuss healing and disease in Dungeons & Dragons.

S01E19: Passion Pervasion

Adderson and Leon from the Pod of Many Things joins us to talk about the influence of D&D on pop culture and everyday life.

S01E18: A Veritable Whose Line

Anthony and Thom hop on to tackle the anxiety-ridden topic of improvisation.

S01E17: Curses, Foiled Again!

Matt, Anthony, and Ben all jump on to address the use of cursed items in D&D.

S01E16: The Devil You Know

Matt and Steve join in to take a walk on the dark side of things, as we discuss the Warlock class in D&D.

S01E15: Your Attention, Please

Ben and Anthony come on the show to talk about player engagement.

S01E14: License To Kill

Sara and Thom join in to explore the impact of death in tabletop roleplaying games.

S01E13: Happy Feat

Matt and Anthony dig deep on the topic of feats in D&D.

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