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S01E29: Stay Calm And Play On

Sara and Thom jump in to talk about the anxiety and nervousness we feel at the table.

S01E28: Faith-Based Initiative

Sara and Matt cleanse themselves with some holy light as we discuss the D&D cleric class.

S01E27: Undeath Becomes Her

Ben and Thom join in some Halloween fun as we discuss the undead in all its glory.

S01E26: A Mysterious Past, Passed

Sara and Matt jump on to discuss player backstories and how to use them.

S01E25: How To Get Away With Murder

Thom and Steve discuss the consequences of ushering people off the material plane.

S01E24: Lend Me Your Ears

Sara and Ben warm up their vocal chords as we discuss using voices and accents in tabletop roleplaying.

S01E23: A Hello To Arms

Matt and Steve bring their weapons to bear as we talk about all things combat in tabletop roleplaying.

S01E22: All The World's A Stage

Ben and Thom jump in to take a deep dive into the wonderful world of the bard.

S01E21: The Space Between

Sara and Anthony join in to discuss what to do with all that time between sessions.

S01E20: Down With The Sickness

Ben and Thom come on to discuss healing and disease in Dungeons & Dragons.

S01E19: Passion Pervasion

Adderson and Leon from the Pod of Many Things joins us to talk about the influence of D&D on pop culture and everyday life.

S01E18: A Veritable Whose Line

Anthony and Thom hop on to tackle the anxiety-ridden topic of improvisation.

S01E17: Curses, Foiled Again!

Matt, Anthony, and Ben all jump on to address the use of cursed items in D&D.

S01E16: The Devil You Know

Matt and Steve join in to take a walk on the dark side of things, as we discuss the Warlock class in D&D.

S01E15: Your Attention, Please

Ben and Anthony come on the show to talk about player engagement.

S01E14: License To Kill

Sara and Thom join in to explore the impact of death in tabletop roleplaying games.

S01E13: Happy Feat

Matt and Anthony dig deep on the topic of feats in D&D.

S01E12: What A Wonderful World

Sara and Steve bend the universe to their will as we discuss the trials and tribulations of worldbuilding.

S01E11: Rogue Won

Ben and Thom jump in to take a deep dive into the rogue class.

S01E10: Faerun, We Have A Problem

Sara and Anthony join in to address problem players and problem DM's.

S01E09: Paint By Numbers

Adam, Matt, and Thom page through the many official adventure modules for D&D.

S01E08: Video Killed The RPG Star

Adam, Nik, and Steve turn their sights on the video game RPG world.

S01E07: The High Seas

Adam, Sara, and Ben catch pirate fever and discuss how best to implement it into your preferred tabletop game.

S01E06: Digital Carpentry

Adam, Thom, and Anthony discuss resources available for online tabletop roleplaying.

S01E05: System Of A Drow

Adam, Matt, and Steve take a closer look at some of the different systems available for tabletop roleplaying games.

S01E04: Magic Circle, Blurred

Adam, Sara, and Thom explore the psychological and sociological impacts of tabletop roleplaying.

S01E03: The Monster Within

Adam, Anthony, and Steve dive into the wonderful world of monsters.

S01E02: The Golden Age

Adam, Matt, and Ben discuss the current Golden Age of tabletop roleplaying games.

S01E01: A Place To Call Home

Adam, Sara, and Steve tackle the difficulties of finding a group.

S01E00: Official Launch Announcement!

Announcing the official launch of the Potomac RPG Podcast!

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