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S02E12: Vocational Turbulence

Ben and Steve join in to discuss the use of factions in your game.

S02B01: Archives (Bonus Episode)

A previously unreleased episode of our very first time trying to record a podcast.

S02E11: Mutants Go Home!

Matt gives a run down of Mutants & Masterminds.

S02E10: New Clothes, New Me

Sara and Ben join in to discuss roleplaying characters far different than yourself.

S02E09: Session Expired

Steve hops on to discuss session structure.

S02E08: The Toolkit

Thom joins the show to discuss DM resources.

S02E07: Blinded By The Smite

Matt and Ben jump on to discuss the Paladin class.

S02E06: Roll With It

Sara and Thom join the show to discuss dealing with minor annoyances at the table.

S02E05: Dirty Deeds

Ben hops on the show to talk deceit, treachery, and betrayal.

S02E04: Before All That

Sara and Steve join in as we finally delve into the Session 0.

S02E03: What We Do In The Shadows

Andrew, Nathan, and Mike from our Monday night group hop on to discuss what it's like to explain to others that they now play D&D.

S02E02: Heavy Load

Matt jumps on to discuss the dreaded lore dump.

S02E01: Fresh Start

Thom and Ben discuss the pitfalls of introducing a new character to an existing campaign.

S01B02: In The Groove (Bonus Episode)

A look back at episodes 26-50 of Season 1.

S01B01: Origins (Bonus Episode)

A look back at episodes 1-25 of Season 1.

S01E50: Homeward Bound

Every single one of us crashes the podcast to talk about the year that's been, what's to come, and the potential return to in-person play.

S01E49: Et Tu, Brute?

Ben and Steve duke it out as we talk about character conflicts in game.

S01E48: End Of The Road

Sara jumps on to discuss ways to get out of dead end campaign plots.

S01E47: Faerie Fire

Matt and Ben take a walk on the wild side as we discuss the fey.

S01E46: Understanding Gruber

Matt and Thom discuss proper villains in tabletop roleplaying.

S01E45: Twist The Knife

Sara and Ben come on to discuss ways to bring character backstory plot hooks into the game.

S01E44: Dirty Jobs

John de Campos from Terrible Games joins Steve to bring some fetid filth to the gaming sphere.

S01E43: The Better Half

Rachel joins the show for a special Valentine's Day edition of the podcast.

S01E42: In The Name Of Progress

Sara and Thom join the show to discuss character progression and leveling up.

S01E41: Best Laid Plans

Matt and Ben join in to discuss encounters in tabletop roleplaying.

S01E40: Choo Choo

Sara and Steve jump in to discuss railroading and how to keep it out of your games.

S01E39: Solid Investment

Ben and Thom join the show to talk about increasing the connection between player and character.

S01E38: Page Turner

Matt and Steve jump on to discuss fantasy novels and how they influence tabletop roleplaying games.

S01E37: A Different View

Sara and Thom jump in to discuss roleplaying different genders.

S01E36: System Shock

Matt and Ben join the show to discuss generalities around system design.

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